Section 2-34 Independent inspector

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Section 2-34 Independent inspector

An independent inspector shall be appointed for a mortgage credit institution before it issues covered bonds. The inspector shall be appointed by SFA.
SFA may at any time withdraw the appointment and appoint a new inspector.

The inspector shall oversee that the register is correctly maintained and shall regularly review compliance with the requirements of sections 2-31 and 2-33. The inspector shall regularly inform SFA of his observations and assessments.

The mortgage credit institution shall be obliged to provide the inspector with all relevant information about its business. The inspector shall have full access to the credit mortgage institution’s register and may request further information from the institution. The inspector shall also be entitled to conduct investigations at the premises of the institution.

The inspector shall be entitled to reasonable remuneration from the mortgage credit institution for his or her work. The King may issue regulations setting further rules on the appointment and remuneration of inspectors, and on inspectors’ tasks, rights and duties.