Harmonised Transparency Template

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Harmonised Transparency Template

Finance Norway and The Norwegian Covered Bond Council recommends that all Norwegian issuers make use of the Harmonised Transparency Template (HTT)

The international covered bond market consists of issuers with different structures and characteristics. Use of the HTT will increase transparency and comparability and is thus recommended for all Norwegian issuers. The HTT has replaced the Norwegian Transparency Template released in 2012.

Harmonised Transparency Template for Norwegian issuers

In conjunction with the introduction of the HTT, a working group was established to assess the HTT in light of the original Norwegian Transparency Template and Norwegian specificities. The result was minor amendments to the HTT including common definitions in the harmonised glossary.

The HTT is only mandatory for issuers with a “label” from The Covered Bond Label Foundation. Norwegian issuers with such label are DNB Boligkreditt, Eika Boligkreditt, Nordea Eiendomskreditt, Sparebank1 Boligkreditt, SR-Boligkreditt, Møre Boligkreditt, Sparebanken Sør Boligkreditt and Sparebanken Vest Boligkreditt. However, Finance Norway and The Norwegian Covered Bond Council recommends all Norwegian issuers to use the HTT.


The HTT has now been updated to the 2021-version.