The Norwegian Covered Bond Council

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The Norwegian Covered Bond Council

The Norwegian Covered Bond Council (NCBC) was founded in January 2010 and is the voice of the Norwegian covered bond industry.

NCBC objectives 

  • to promote the points of view of the Norwegian covered bond issuers in dialogue with authorities and other stakeholders
  • pay attention to trends and changes in international legislation.
  • provide information and statistics about the Norwegian covered bond market and its issuers to investors and other stakeholders
  • represent the interests of  Norwegian covered bond issuers by participation in international covered bond associations
  • act as a network and platform for the exchange of information between its members


Per Sagbakken, DNB Boligkreditt (chairman)
Arve Austestad, Sparebank 1 Boligkreditt
Kjartan Bremnes, Eika Boligkreditt
Børre Gundersen, Nordea Eiendomskreditt
Fredrik Skarsvåg, Sparebanken Vest Boligkreditt, Verd Boligkreditt
Marianne Lofthus, Sør Boligkreditt 
Ole André Kjerstad, Møre Boligkreditt
Henning Nordgulen, Sbanken Boligkreditt


The secretariat is provided by Finance Norway.