Norske Finansielle Referanser AS has launched its own website

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Norske Finansielle Referanser AS has launched its own website

On 1 January 2017 Norske Finansielle Referanser AS (NoRe) took over the responsibility of the money market rates Nibor (Norwegian Interbank Offered Rate). Information about the Nibor rules and about NoRe will from now be available on

Nibor is a collective term for Norwegian money market rates at different maturities, and is intended to reflect the interest rate level a bank require for unsecured money market lending in NOK to another bank. The Nibor rules are adopted by NoRe.

Nibor was previously the responsibility of Finance Norway. This responsibility was transferred to NoRe with effect from 1 January 2017. NoRe is a company established and fully owned by Finance Norway.

Information on the website

On NoRe’s website you will find information about NoRe and the Nibor framework, including rules and guidelines, contributors, governing bodies and their members, and how to make a complaint or notify us about suspected breaches of the rules. The information is available in Norwegian and English.

Before amendments to the definition of Nibor or the methodology for determining Nibor are adopted, the proposed changes will be made available for comment on the website for at least six weeks. To ensure that the suggested amendments reach out to potential stakeholders, NoRe has established a stakeholder group.

If you have any comment or questions, please send us an email, addressed to: