About Finance Norway

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About Finance Norway

Finance Norway is the industry organisation for the financial industry in Norway. We represent about 240 financial companies with around 50,000 employees. 

The financial sector

Banks and insurance companies are the circulatory system of the Norwegian economy. They are essential to value creation and growth in the country, to financing of good projects, to ensure safety of life and property, and they contribute to a sustainable society.  Through dialogue and analysis, Finance Norway works to ascertain the best prerequisites for the functioning of the financial sector.

We work to increase confidence in the industry and contribute to the safe and efficient operation.

Our member companies are savings banks, commercial banks, life insurance companies, general insurance companies and financial groups.

Finance Norway's main business areas are

  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Life insurance and pension
  • Insurance
  • Payment services and infrastructure
  • Industrial relations

Contracting Party in collective agreements

Finance Norway is party to financial sector collective agreements. Finance Norway represents industry and employer interests at the annual central tariff negotiations with the Finance Sector Union and The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO).


Following the merger of the Norwegian Savings Banks Association and the Norwegian Financial Services Association in 2010, the Employers' Association for the Financial Sector became part of Finance Norway in 2013.