About Finance Norway

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About Finance Norway

Finance Norway is the industry organisation for the financial industry in Norway. We represent 240 financial companies with 50,000 employees.

We advocate the views of the industry towards different groups in Norwegian society; politicians, government, consumer authorities, international collaborators and decision makers and consumers.

Membership in Finance Norway

will give access to:

  • Influence in Finance Norway and the financial industry. You will influence our industrial policy and help determine our position
  • participation in discussions on labour market issues, representation in tariff negotiations and access to labour law counselling
  • insight, competence building and transfer of knowledge through courses, conferences and meeting places where, among other things, academic issues are discussed
  • participation in dispute resolution and common infrastructure
  • access to legal counselling
  • member service

Membership in Finance Norway is open to all banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions operating in Norway, as well as fintech and other technology companies offering relevant services in the financial sector.

Finance Norway's member companies

The Finance Norway community

Advocacy on industrial policy and employment policy is the core of Finance Norway’s activities. In addition to this we perform tasks central to society and the financial industry. To this end, the following institutions are parts of the Finance Norway group.:

The bridge as a symbol in the logo

We have chosen the bridge as a symbol in our logo because we want to build bridges, between the industry and those who create the industry's regulatory environment, between our members and different interest groups and not least between our members.

Agreement in collective agreements

Finance Norway is a party in the finance industry's collective agreements. Finance Norway represents the industry and employers’ interests in the annual central tariff negotiations with the Finance Federation and LO.

The agreements


Finance Norway represents the entire financial industry in Norway and was established on January 1st, 2010 by the Norwegian Savings Banks Association and the Norwegian Financial Industry Association. The organisation was then the Financial Industry Association. As of January 1st, 2013, the Financial Employers' Association joined in and Finance Norway was established.