Lawrence Wintermeyer

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Foto: L. Wintermeyer

Lawrence Wintermeyer

Co-Founder & Principal at Elipses

Lawrence Wintermeyer is a globally recognized digital financial advocate and has over 25 years’ experience as an advisor, executive and board member working with companies from start-ups to global brands in the financial services, TMT and energy sectors.

He is a Co-founder of Elipses, a firm delivering digital structured finance services to global clients focused on digital securities and funds, customized investments, and venture building and scaling. He is the former CEO of Innovate Finance, the UK FinTech members association, and a Co-founder of Global Digital Finance, a not-for-profit promoting fair and transparent markets for digital and crypto assets. He is an experienced investment manager in the alternative asset management sector with a focus on systematic investment management, big data analytics and machine learning, and distributed ledger technologies.

Based in London, he is the Principal of Capstone has an MBA, and sits on several commercial, not-for-profit and charity boards, panels and working groups. Lawrence promotes ethical finance and progressive policies for a transparent, secure and quality digital future for everyone, and is a regular Forbes contributor.